Rafting from Moab, Utah down the Colorado River is a family vacation worth going out of your way for.  There are several outfitters in Moab that do and outstanding job. Tagalong Expeditions, NAVTEC Expeditions and Red River Adventures offer trips from one to five nights on the river with all your meals and gear provided.  Rafting is approriate for kids as young as 5 and is one of the rare activities that can be enjoyed by teenagers and their parents, if they can get past the lack of indoor plumbing for a few days.  The whitewater is exciting enough to keep everyone from getting bored but not so exciting that you feel in danger, safety is a priority with the guides, with dinner a close second.  Bring a waterproof camera, this is a once in a lifetime experience.

For visitors who would like to experience the Colorado River without getting wet, check out the jetboat tours Canyonlands By Night & Day has to offer.  They offer day trips down the river, plus land and air tours. 

Hike Moab guides take you to places you wouldn't usually know about, or if it's hot you can go somewhere with water and stay cool, and still see awesome things. They can take you to Arches National Park and do a scenic drive or an amazing hike through the fiery furnace. They are also partnered up with Xtreme 4x4 Tours, so if you call them and reserve a hike, you get a discount price off of the xtreme 4x4 tour's trip also. Visit their websites at www.guidedmoabhikes.com and www.xtreme4x4tours.com