Out in "the middle of nowhere" is a gem of a restaurant.  Desert Bistro provides a fine dining experience as good as one would find in places like New York, Chicago, or San Fransisco.  The restaurant is housed in a century old home on the main road through Moab, Utah.  The rooms are intimate and cozy.  The outdoor patio makes for wonderful dining amid the mountain views right behind the building.

But the food is what really makes this place.  Chef Karl Kelly has unusual takes on spanikopita and capresse and creates delightful dishes from unusual meats like elk and caribou.  The mushroom risotto is a real treat.  And be sure to leave room for desserts like the vanilla ice cream with apple/rhubarb tart. 

The service is outstanding.   The waitstaff are cheerful and knowledgable.  The pacing is excellent..   Diners do not feel they are being rushed through their meal nor is one forced to wait for an extended period of time between courses.

Some may find Desert Bistro expensive, but when you are used to East Coast prices, this place is a bargain.