Harpers Ferry thrives in an area which is serviced by more than one visitor’s center, making it possible to easily obtain tourist information all throughout the area.  The first place which visitors should check out is the Jefferson County Convention and Visitors Bureau.  Their office is located at 37 Washington Court; see http://www.google.com/maphp?hl=en&tab... for a map with driving directions to this location.  The Jefferson County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau can also be contacted via telephone at (304)-535-2627 or via interactive email at http://www.hello-wv.com/contactus.asp.  More information is available on the Hello West Virginia Website for the county located at http://www.hello-wv.com/index_new.asp.

The Jefferson County Convention and Visitors Bureau will provide comprehensive information about the area.  However, many people head to Harpers Ferry specifically to explore Harpers Ferry National Historic Park so another important tourist information office is the one located there.  This office is known as the Cavalier Heights Visitor Center and is the best place to go to obtain information about all of the parks activities, as well as to sign up for guided historical tours.  See http://www.nps.gov/archive/hafe/fees.htm for park information.

For comprehensive information about tourism in all of West Virginia , travelers should make it a point to explore the information available at http://www.wvdot.com/7_tourists/7d_ma... .