The Lakeshore Trail  is the best way to see the beautiful sea caves and sandstone formations from above. Some people choose to sign up for a kayak tour to see them from below.

The Lakeshore Trail begins at the Meyer's Beach parking area and is approximately 1.8 miles long. There is a sign by the woods that shows a map of the trail. Another 2 miles further is a campsite for you backcountry hikers. The trail is also accesible during the winter months by snow shoe or crampons as the trails can get slippery. Often times there is a Nat'l Park Ranger on duty patroling the beach area, so if you have further questions you can ask him/her.

If you are also interested in getting out to the Apostle Islands, there are many choices: kayak trips, cruise service, private sailboat charters and trawler trips.  The islands are lovely with more sea caves, lighthouses, beaches and hikes in a remote setting.