For the person on the run in the morning, to the person who can pick up a bag and eat while walking around, to the one who will sit down and savor a plate full of the good stuff; breakfast is the way to go in San Francisco.

Other than the health benefits to eat your three squares a day, San Francisco's breakfast options are widely available to everyone, regardless if you are a visitor or a long-time resident.

On The Run

Considering just a cup of coffee to get you going?  Look no further than the large number of coffee houses in your area.  From your simple cheap cup of coffee to a specialty hot drink, San Francisco's got you covered.  San Francisco has many coffee chains including Starbucks, Peet's, Tully's and the fast food variety.  The city also has many independent coffee shops that are typically situated in the non-tourist areas, such as the Inner Sunset district (9th Avenue) and Clement Street.

Pick Up a Bag and Eat while Walking

Fast food restaurants are typically found in downtown and the tourist areas to provide the quick and familiar breakfast sandwich to get you going.  You will typically encounter a McDonald's in downtown and Fisherman's Wharf, and you'll find a Burger King here and there.

Savoring a Plate Full of the Good Stuff

OK, time is not a problem for you.  Why not choose one of the many establishments to get your day to a good start?  Breakfast is typically served at many restaurants that serves American fare, but you can also find unique breakfasts like a Hawaiian style breakfast (example: Loco Moco (rice, two fried eggs, hamburger patty, topped with brown gravy)) at the Hukilau on Geary and Masonic, and May's Coffee Shop in the Japan Center at Japantown.