San Francisco is rich with museums, particularly  small museums littered throughout the city. 

One of the major museums, is the architecturally stunning Museum of Modern Art has five floors and a variety of exhibits with emphasis on design, audiovisuals and photography.

Asian Art Museum is one of the largest museums in the Western world devoted exclusively to Asian Art,

The de Young Museum in  Golden Gate Park integrates art, architecture and the natural landscape.  The de Young has an extensive American art collection. It is an attraction not to be missed if touring the park.

The Legion of  Honor is another art museum, with often special exhibits.

There are unique museums in San Francisco such as:

Musee Mechanique at Fisherman Wharf.  It is one of the world's largest museums of mechanically operated instruments and arcade.

Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco

San Francisco Cable Car Museum: Here you will see the three oversized pulleys that control all cable car operations. In the exhibit area you can ring a cable car bell and hop aboard a cable car that dates back to 1876. The Powell-Mason cable car line stops right in front of the Museum.


If its one of the smaller museums that you may be interested in. At Fort Mason, a former Army base in the Marina District, there isthe Mexican Museum, the Museo Italo Americano, the San Francisco African American Historical/Cultural Society, and the San Francisco Craft & Folk Art Museum. The Mexican, Italo Americano, and African American museums pay tribute to their respective cultures, both in their native lands and in California.

In the Presidio you can now find the Walt Disney Family Museum.

The Walt Disney History Museum is a wonderful museum dedicated to the life and times of Walt and his family, business associates, friends, etc.   The family has put on display many objects and artifacts from his lifetime, beginning at birth until his death.  As you wander though the museum, each room is a different period of time in his life. There are photo and video exhibits, many of which he narrates, all about his family, his growing up, military service, how he got into animation, business pursuits. How the studios he owned came to be, successes and failures.  There are beautiful exhibits on how the animated movies were made, the equipment he and his studio invented for the movies.   An exhibit of how Mickey Mouse was created, along with a display of antique Mickey Mouse characters.  There is a history of all the early movies along with how the characters and movie were created. Each with original models of the characters.  A walkway through his television shows with old TV sets showing the old shows.  A model of Disneyland and the hows and whys of it's creation, same for other Disney parks.  It was a fascinating view into the life and times of Walt Disney.  Walt Disney Family