Like a local's secret getaway, Mars Bar & Restaurant is comfortable and welcoming, with a friendly staff and a mixup of all kinds of people all hanging out together.  It's not unlike an eclectic house party, where you'll find anything from afterwork professionals, hipsters, clubbers, barflies, bikers, artists, gay, straight, students, owners - at any given moment.

They offer a full liqour selection and 20 different bottle and tap beers; you can also order tasty weekday lunches or evening meals that will surprise even the most discriminating palate (one of the best burgers you'll find around). 

Best of all, Mars Bar has an large outdoor garden patio and tiki bar (open on busier nights) with huge overhead heaters that make that famous San Francisco chilly air non-existant. Guests can enjoy their cigarettes and conversation while surrounded by lush gardens and even a huge 10ft glass wall fountain. 

Music fills the bar & restaurant always, with it moving from r&b, old school hip hop & disco, dance, 80’s, rock and other party classics.   During the summer, Mars is open on Sunday afternoons with food and drinks, another reason to chill and enjoy the sunshine at Mars.