The Golden Gate Bridge is not the oldest suspension bridge nor the newest.  It is no longer the tallest or the highest.  Yet it remains the most visited and photographed bridge in the world.  If you are able to visit the bridge, you can take a walking tour to help understand why the bridge is so compelling to so many people and why it was so difficult to build.  Parking is free at the GGNRA lots on the east and west sides of the bridge visitors center on Lincoln Blvd. Be sure to bring a camera to capture the great views and a jacket as it is always pretty brisk to very windy.

 As of March 27th, 2013, the Golden Gate Bridge tolls are assessed electronically. This means there will no longer be cash accepted at the Toll Plaza nor any toll collectors in the toll lanes. Visitors heading southbound into San Francisco (the toll assessment direction) will have two new options for toll payment: One-Time Payment or a Toll Invoice. Find out more about the new toll payment options on their website. (Website comes in various languages including Chinese, Spanish, German, Korean, French, and more) 

You can also ride a bike both ways.  Some people ride just one way, go to Sausalito, and then return to San Francisco via the ferry.

There is nothing quite like the views from the Golden Gate Bridge. No matter how you cross - by bike or on foot, it could be one of your top memories of your visit to San Francisco

This is a link to the Golden Gate Bridge Multimedia Gallery for a few different views of bridge deck and surrounds.