The Palace of Fine Arts was built for the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Expo, which San Francisco hosted.  It was built to have the feel of an overgrown Roman ruin, and they had not built it to last as they had expected to tear it down once the Exposition was over.  However, the city of San Francisco developed such love for the Palace of Fine Arts that they decided to keep it.

The Palace required a fair of amount of upkeep, though, and by the 50s it became obvious that the original construction would not last.  Caspar Weinberger, an assemblyman at the time, and a number of influential San Franciscans rallied to collect donations for reconstruction of the Palace.  Their efforts paid off as most of the original structure was torn down and reconstruction started in 1964, at a cost of ten times the original.  Today, the Palace of Fine Arts remains a beautiful picturesque oasis that lures tourists in with its simplistic beauty.