Discover San Francisco

San Francisco is a very  popular tourist destination, in fact, it's the second-most visited city in California (behind Los Angeles). Many people go or want to go there. So what is there to discover in San Francisco? Keep reading for a taste of what to expect!

Discover San Francisco by foot or public transportation:

San Francisco is a great city to discover by foot because all interesting sights are easily accessible with short walks from one another and there is an excellent public transportation system in the city. On the other hand, parking is limited and can be very expensive.  Plus, don't you think you get to better enjoy the neighbourhoods by walking or hopping on a local bus - rather than peering out from behind your car's windshield? So come discover all the hills and great neighborhoods and put on your comfy walking shoes!

Discover San Francisco's cuisine:

San Francisco has a tremendous choice of delicious different cuisines. Seafood is a great way to go. Of course, Chinatown is the best place for authentic Chinese food. And a good meal is always better served with a great wine. So since you're close to Napa and Sonoma, you can't pass on the California wines plus San Francisco is the home of the unique Anchor Steam Beer.  Remember you are most likely to find the *best* restaurants away from the touristy spots like Fisherman's Wharf. 

Discover "San Francisco" across the Golden Gate:

Rent a bike and ride it over the Golden Gate to visit Sausalito. It is an amazing scenic bike ride! Sausalito is a small town that could blend in perfectly in southern France. Its streets, shopping, art galleries and ambience takes you to a different world.  After this charming visit, take the ferry back to San Francisco and enjoy the view while waving at Alcatraz.

Discover San Francisco prepared:

San Francisco can be quite chilly, even during the summer and has many tiny "microclimates" throughout the city.  So come prepared, bring  warm clothes, and plan to dress in layers!  San Francisco is a windy city. But don't worry, if you haven't packed what you need, you can find great deals at the souvenir shops between Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf. It might be a good excuse to bring back home a San Francisco sweater!

The great advantage of visiting  San Francisco is that you will find what you're looking for whether you are visiting for business or leisure. You will have a great experience.