Off the Beaten Path San Francisco - The neighborhoods to discover

If you are planning to visit San Francisco and want to avoid touristy neighborhoods at all cost, you should get an idea of what you want to see to best plan your visit. Being a large city, all neighborhoods offer a different style and interesting things to see. To give you an idea, here is a brief description of the 5 best neighborhoods to visit in San Francisco other than downtown.

Hayes Valley

This San Francisco neighborhood can be described as the London influenced neighborhood. This is a great place to meet locals, instead of following other tourists. Great place to enjoy coffee shops, small bars and the European style boutiques.

North Beach

North Beach has great little restaurants with fantastic Italian cuisine. The oldest street of San Francisco, Grant Avenue, is worth the stop in this neighborhood.


The Castro


Follow the footsteps of Harvey Milk, and explore The Castro, the gay and lesbian neighborhood. Recommended during happy hour, and for the rest of the evening, this neighborhood has a great nightlife. If you are looking for some diverse choices of cuisine you will enjoy stopping here.

The Haight


When visiting the Haight, you're in for a Back to the Future Adventure. The 60's are still a very important influence in this hippie neighborhood. You find here the best coffee shops in town, so visit it in the morning! This is also the spot to find the famous colorful houses of San Francisco, by Golden Gate Park.

Pacific Heights


Pacific Heights has some beautiful Victorian homes, gorgeous views and fun little boutiques to browse though along Fillmore Street. 

There are other neighborhoods to visit in San Francisco, so you've got more to see. But if you wish to discover the non touristy San Francisco, you should enjoy those 5 neighborhoods.