One of the main reasons that visitors and tourists come to Bar Harbor is to shop. There are quaint little shops all over the town and in the village’s center. While most of the shops are on the few main streets in the town's center, there are also several located on some of the side streets – and these shops should not be missed because they carry some very unique and original items.

For anyone searching for items that were handmade in the State of Maine, there are many gallery-type stores in Bar Harbor that feature only items that fit this description. Some of the pieces of artwork that a shopper might find in one of the galleries in town are paintings, unusual crafts, and jewelry.

Of course, a tourist town would not be complete without stores that sell touristy items. So, anyone looking for a memento to take home that may not be a unique item, but something that states, “BAR HARBOR” on it, those items can also be easily found.

Many tourists arrive in Bar Harbor without realizing how chilly the weather can get here, especially at night. For these people, there are plenty of stores which sell weather-appropriate clothing and umbrellas.

Many of the local stores and boutiques stay open late during the summer months when most of the shoppers are visiting the Bar Harbor.