If you're coming all the way to Guam, spend some time experiencing the island. Yes, Guam has beautiful beaches, inviting water, good food, nightlife and all you need to get away from it all. But if you want to take something of the island away with you, get a rental car and travel south of the the high rise hotels. There is just one road around the southern end of the island with a maximum speed limit of 35 miles an hour on good two lane roads. You won't want to speed past the beautiful scenery anyway. The drive will take you through mountains and reveal breathtaking ocean views. You'll also go through villages (25 mph please) with 300+ year old churches and carabao tethered alongside the road. Some scenic vistas to stop at are marked. You can refresh at Mom and Pop stores and family fruit or hot dog carts along the way. If you go in the morning, you can get a taste of Spanish era Guam (roughly 1650-1900) at Gef Pago cultural park. On the Inarajan Bay, among traditionally thatched huts you can see demonstrations of coconut leaf weaving, rope making, salt making and other arts. There is also a unique souvenir store and a small take out lunch restaurant attached. If you're not hungry yet, save your appetite for either Jeff's Pirate's Cove in Ipan on the East coast, or go the other direction to Jan Z's in Agat on the West coast. They are both local spots with a view of the water and nice menus. For an investment of 2-3 hours and perhaps a day's car rental, you can experience the real Guam that will make your vacation more than just another trip to the beach.