If you enjoy birding, take a pair of binoculars and walk along the levy that runs alongside Kawainui Marsh (enter from Kaha Park). It can be very hot on the levy - so it is best to go early morning or in the evening. The levy is also a good place to take a jog. You can also kayak down Kawainui Canal into the marsh. Getting here on a kayak might be difficult as access to this canal is only available from the canal front houses or be ready for a long paddle from Kailua Beach to the marsh.

Kawainui Marsh is the largest remaining wetland in Hawaii and provides habitat for four of Hawaii's endangered and endemic water birds: the Hawaiian Stilt, Hawaiian Moorhen, Hawaiian Coot and Hawaiian Duck.

Hamakua Marsh is a lot smaller than Kawainui Marsh but it is also teeming with birdlife. Access Hamakua Marsh from the parking lot of Down to Earth store and Zia's Cafe on Hamakua Drive (across from Safeway). The Black Crowned Night Heron and Hawaiian Stilt can frequently be seen at Hamakua Marsh. Happy birding!