The Iao Valley State Park is about 3 miles away from downtown Wailuku.  Just take Main Street through Wailuku and you will arrive at the Park.  The Park is open from 7am to 7pm daily and entrance to the park is free.  You will find restrooms at the entrance.

The most notable structure in the park is without a doubt the rather phallic Iao Needle.  It is said to be the result of millennia of water pressure eroding volcanic rock, and it pokes out from the side of the valley, standing over 2000 ft. tall.   It is sometimes referred to as Kukaemoku

The Iao Valley was once the site of important battles, and also serves as a sacred space because royalty was buried there.  For this reason, people are not allowed to hike through the Valley.  Visitors must follow the established paved paths which are lined with info boards providing you the history and significance of the site. 

Iao Needle