Lihue has plenty of activities to offer its visitors, keeping them thoroughly entertained during their trip to Kauai.  

            The most obvious sports and activities are those based around the beautiful beaches of this Pacific Ocean’s untamed island. 

            Amongst the four main tourist visited islands of Hawaii (Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Hawaii), Kauai remains in its most natural and untouched state.  Unlike the other islands, many of the beaches on Kauai don’t have resorts or hotels surrounding them.  Because the island is so small, any area of Kauai can be reached from Lihue in little over an hours drive.  A great list of locations around the island can be found at Kauai Beaches .

            The scuba diving off of the Hawaiian Islands is world renowned, and Kauai has some of the best sites.   The visibility at times is unmatched, the marine life is diverse and abundant, and the tropical climate makes the water warm and comfortable.   There are many dive centers around the island, including two located in Lihue ( True Blue Charters & Ocean Sports and Blue Dolphin Charters).

            Hiking on the island is also world renowned.  With dramatic and spectacular scenery everywhere, make sure to bring a camera.  Information about hikes as well as the numerous other activities on Kauai, including golf, horseback riding, fishing and windsurfing, visit Kauai Activities .