Please be careful when snorkling at Kapoho not to damage the coral! Snorklers really don't need fins as it is a very protected area, and they do so much harm. When unfamiliar swimmers place their big flopping fins down any old place the hard fins can knock off, smash and kill live coral! Please be gentle. Also, don't feed the fish! They have their own food.

The Waiopae Tide Pools is located in a private subdivision so remember there are no public facilities. Please take your trash with you when you leave so others can enjoy the beautiful tide pools. 

 The Champagne Ponds are also accessed through a private gated community. There is also a four wheel drive road off Hwy 132 that can be used. No public facilities or parking.

The Ahalanui Park is located off Hwy 137 and is a county park with facilities and parking.