After a day of visiting the museums in Cheyenne or hiking in Yellowstone, your appetite will eventually surface. A step into an old frontier town with acres of pastures assures that there will be plenty of meat dishes available. Western grills and steakhouses are a significant part of Wyoming's regional flare. As for beef, restaurants in Cheyenne have special recipes that rarely disappoint guests. Nagle Warren Mansion prepares a red wine beef tenderloin with pistachios. Yet, beef is not the only choice.
Capitol Grille at the Plains Hotel uses tender, Wyoming beef in addition to lamb, chicken, and buffalo in their meals. The competitive Executive chef, Tadd Frye, leads an upscale staff who serves tableside Caesar service. Besides prime aged Angus beef, Poor Richards cooks several seafood appetizers (crab cakes, escargot, and oysters). They also offer a walnut crusted salmon in balsamic honey butter served with tri-citrus rice.

Also downtown is the Shadows BrewPub in the Historic Train Depot.   Lunch buffets are available weekdays at The Dynasty Café  and Twin Dragon (both Asian food) and Little America.  The Diamond Horseshoe on Central (south of the viaduct) has very economical meals for family dining.  If you crave diner food, you will love the Luxery Diner on West Lincolnway (open only for breakfast and lunch).

If its Mexican you're hankering for, cross over the viaduct.. Los Amigos is on Central and right around the corner is a little treasure that you're not apt to find without insider information. Casa de Trujillo. Both are reasonably priced, if not downright inexpensive and both have very good food.

The Bread Basket at 1819 Maxwell Avenue (corner of 19th Street (a west to east one-way) and Maxwell) has delightful pastries, breads, sandwiches, pies and coffee.  A personal favorite is to get a cherry/cheese danish and a cup of coffee and head to Lakeview Cemetery.  There is also seating out front.

Smokehouse BBQ at 18th and House Street offers great BBQ.. strictly carry out.. Then there is Parkway Pizza in the Cheyenne Plaza at Lincolnway and Ridge (east end of Cheyenne). They have a lot more than pizza.. reasonably priced and deliciious.  Mondellos has also opened a small pizza parlor downtown, on Central, just south of the Lincoln Theater. Families will find a lot of reasonably priced dinner options. 

Only available Frontier Days is the taco at the Indian Village.