The history of the Wisconsin Dells goes back to the 18 th century when the region was explored by the French. For more than a century the area has been a popular summertime destination, and the arrival of indoor water parks have extended the wet and wild season around the calendar.


To learn more about the history of the “Dells,” the Dell Country Historical Country has published “Others Before You: The History of Wisconsin Dells Country,” which looks at the river country that has been the lifeblood of the region for decades, before and of course after the Ducks arrived! Michael J. Goc, along with the Dells Country Historical Society also offer a trip back in time where you can learn more about the flow of the river with “The Dells: An Illustrated History of Wisconsin Dells.”


And for more a bit tales, some taller than others, Don Saunders spun many that a full of facts, myths and just plain enjoyable to read. Some of the tales might seem all wet today, but his half-century old book “When the Moon is a Silver Canoe: Legends of the Wisconsin Dells,” still makes for good reading on a hot summer’s day.