Milwaukee has some great restaurants for night owls on the prowl for some good eating.  While there is the normal array of fast food and greasier spoons, there are also a few of Milwaukee's better restaurants that keep their doors open late.

If you are in the city center come the wee hours, Ouzo is a new relatively upscale Greek restaurant located on Milwaukee Street, in the heart of downtown.  The small, hip, sophisticated, bistro-like atmosphere features a traditional Greek menu, and they do it well.  And all until 3am on weekends - not many places you can get this quality of food at bar time folks!

 And if you made it all the way to the trendy Third Ward, the just as trendy Palms Bistro and Bar on Broadway Street serves up "eclectic Americana" - from black angus burgers and salads, to California style pizzas, until 1 am.

 Happy Eats!