Bradford Beach is a Milwaukee County Park property that is located just north of downtown along the Lake Michigan shoreline.  An extremely popular place for decades, the 90's and early 2000's saw a decline in visitors to the beach.  In 2008, a group of dedicated inviduals formed a public/private partnership with the County to birng life back to this once popular destination.  They added 7 day a week food and beverage service to the beachouse, as well as retail sales of beach related items, sunscreen, volleyball rental, etc.  The group also began hosting beach events all summer long, including wine tastings, volleyball tournaments, charity events, live bands on the rooftop, etc.  In addition, the group received funding from local corporations to bring lifeguards back to the beach, improve water and sand quality, and build rain gardens. 

Bradford Beach is a great place to be in the summer again.  The cold waters of Lake Michigan  even warm up enough to swim in at certain times of the summer.  The Bradford Beach Jam in July is a great time to watch world class volleyball tournaments, wind surfers, sand rugby, etc.  It's great to have a beach oasis in an urban city! 

What a pleasant surprise so close to Downtown and the Museum.  A genuine little "scene" going on.  A blast with a view.