Wheeling is filled with many stores and shopping areas that contain unique and locally made items. Shopping in this town is a true form of entertainment, and a favorite pastime for locals as well as tourists.

Anyone who loves outdoor activities must stop by Cabela’s while in Wheeling . This store is close to 200,000 square feet filled with every type of outdoor sporting equipment that anyone could ever want. Some of the largest departments include items for camping, fishing, and hunting. The facility also contains a museum, a laser shooting area, a HUGE aquarium, and a restaurant.

The Wheeling Center Market has changed very little over the course of about 100 years. This area contains a friendly shopping environment and high-quality items. It’s a place that tourists should not miss!

Shopping for Christmas items is a popular tradition for people all over the world. The Christmas Cupboard is open all year long and contains many handmade Christmas-related items. There are also items that are country-like, but not for Christmas, such as handmade quilts and candles.

The Eckhart House Gift Shoppe is located inside of a large Victorian home and contains many unique home décor items. This is a perfect place to shop for a gift or for something to take home and remember the visit to Wheeling .