All months of the year, Snowshoe Mountain hosts many different local, regional and national events.

> January:
   - Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend

> February:
   - Super Bowl Parties
   - Valentine's Day 
   - Presidents' Day Weekend Events 

> March:
   - Homegrown Music Festival 
   - St. Patrick's Day

> July:
   - Independence Day Celebration and Community Day:
   - Fire on the Mountaion Chili Cook-Off:
   - Freedom Fest:
     West Virginia's premier all-brands touring ralley motorcycle event.
    10 Snowshoe Dr, Snowshoe, WV 
    (877) 441-4FUN

During Freedom Fest, riders use start from Snowshoe Mountain and explore the region, riding to and through some of the most spectacular sights in Pocahontas County. Riders can also cash in at the Freedom Fest Poker Run!


> August:
   - Taste of the Mountains Food, Wine, and Jazz Festival:
   - Blues, Brews, and BBQ:
     Has become a classic Snowshoe event, combining sizzling food sampling, refreshing beers from regional microbreweries and music that will get you grooving. Enjoy variety of activities that includes the Endurance-Testing Cheat Mountain Challenge Century Ride. 
   - Annual Showshoe Symphony Festival and WV State Monarch Butterfly Festival:
     The annual event, features several special performances.

> September:
   - Appalachian Fest - Beer and Food Celebration:
     Snowshoe's annual Oktoberfest celebration.

> October:

> November:
   - Thanksgiving Week:
     Celebrate the first Holiday of the winter season with your family on the slopes of Snowshoe.

>  December:
   - New Year's Eve Bash:
     Snowshoe throws down a set of great parties on New Year's Eve.  Fantastic party options are available for all ages.

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