"Take the waters" at Berkeley Springs State Park, have a private Roman bath for 30 minutes for two people for $3 Or hava a Roman bath and 30 minute massage for $40. What a great bargain! The Park and facilities are older and cannot be compared to modern spas.  For more information on the Park and pricing: http://www.berkeleyspringssp.com/

 There are four other spas in the area that offer massages, facials, etc in a more traditional Spa in environment.  They are: http://www.atasiaspa.com/; http://www.bathhouse.com/  http://www.coolfont.com/home.cfm; and http://www.originspa.com/

The shopping is pretty great.  Go to the Shoppng page of the Berkeley Springs website to see all the options.

Cacapon State Resort Park has tons to offer folks visiting - golfing, great hiking, swimming with a beach, tennis, etc. Cacapon is about 10 miles outside of the Berkeley Springs town, but an easy.  http://www.cacaponresort.com/

Love horses? Visit Melissa Bailey and her gaited horses at Walking-After-Midnight Farm just across the WV/VA state line. http://www.walking-after-midnight.com/  Melissa's staff and horses are top notch and she offers lessons/trail rides on the farm as well as trail rides in state parks for more experienced riders. Even if you don't have time to ride and just love being around horses (including the most gentle stallion ever!), stopping in to see her will make the time fly. Be careful though, you might not be able to leave without purchasing one of her horses!

For dinner with a view try Panorama at the Peak.  Great local ingredients and wonderful flavors.  The same can also be said of Tari's Cafe.

See the public telescope at the Morgan County Observatory.  Public star parties are hosted once a month.  It's about 10 miles out of town on a dark and scary road, but it's worth it for this one of a kind experience.  http://www.nitesky.org/

See a movie at the Star Theatre, a restored depression area movie theatre.  The theatre is a little (a lot) run down, but the prices can't be beat and the experience is unique.  http://www.starwv.com/star/index.htm