Spokane has a vast, rich mix of musuems and artistic attractions, and the eclectic scene should not be missed by any visitor that appreciates a little culture in an unexpected setting. Spokane offers up a suprising mix of museums, jazz clubs, stand up comedy venues, art galleries, orchestra halls, off-broadway theaters, and the like. Art lovers should visit one of the seven major local art galleries for a taste of resident talent and perhaps to purchase a one of a kind souvenir to hang on the wall at home. The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture not only exhibits local artist work, but also plays host to traveling national art shows. The Museum also holds one of the largest collections of Native American ancient art in the state, and is worth the short walk from downtown. For those more auditorally inclined, there are dozens of live jazz clubs in Spokane, where local musicians play into the wee hours of the night, and the Spokane Jazz Orchestra is not to be missed by jazz aficianados, as it is the country's longest running jazz performance orchestra. For a a more traditional slant, pick up tickets at the Spokane Symphony, where classical music concerts are performed year round for a modest ticket price, but visitors please note: do not forget to dress up for the Symphony! Downtown you will also find two science centers.  Mobius Kids is in the River Park Square Mall's lower level and has fun, hands-on activities for crawlers through grade school.  Across the street is the Mobius Science Center with an amazing array of eclectic, hands-on exhibits for kids and adults.  Their mantra is "sparking curiosity, igniting imagination."