There are several ways to come to and from Spokane, depending on how far you are traveling. Those arriving by plane can fly into Spokane International Airport, which services ten major airlines, including Alaska America West, Big Sky, Delta, Frontier, Horizon, Northwest, Skywest, Southwest, United, and United Express, thus visitors should try to book their flight on one of these carriers to save money on cab/shuttle fares, as the largest Washington state airport is hours away from Spokane. After arriving at Spokane International, there is a shuttle bus that delivers visitors directly into downtown Spokane at the transportation plaza , and there is, of course, a 24 hour taxi service for those who prefer private transportation. For visitors arriving from less distant locales, driving into Spokane is fairly easy and can make for a rather pleasant and picturesque trip during the spring and summer. Those looking to rent a car after arriving at the airport can easily do so at the terminal. The quickest route into Spokane from the airport is to follow US-2 East to I-90 East, which flows straight into the heart of Spokane Valley. Coach buses and trains also run through Spokane and can be a less costly alternative to flying if your trip is relatively short.