Port Townsend is particularly well situated for a number of outdoor activities. If you are visiting this area, you’d be well served to avail yourself of the numerous offerings.

There are several national and state parks within a short distance of Port Townsend. Head for Olympic National Park to visit the only temperate rain forest in all of the lower 48 states. This beautiful park offers a wide array of outdoor activities, but be sure to some research before you go as different agencies manage different areas of the park, so the rules and offerings aren’t the same the entire park.

Sailing and rowing are popular activities in Port Townsend. The Wooden Boat Foundation/Northwest Maritime Center is based here and there are a number of opportunities for boaters of all skill levels and interests. You can take lessons, rent a boat or have a party on a boat on the water. If you’re visiting in September – enjoy the Wooden Boat Festival. A great business team building or family reunion activity is to charter a historic longboat, replica of Captain Vancouver's boats used to explore Puget Sound. Northwest Maritime Center Programs. This is a truly unique and authentic Pacific Northwest experience!

If you enjoy a good walk or day hike, there are also plenty of opportunities in Port Townsend. Most people hike in Olympic National Park, but another popular trail is the Larry Scott Memorial Trail which runs along Port Townsend Bay and is a multi-use trail where you can hike, but also ride horseback or go bicycling.