Scuttlebutt Brewing is a brewery with a small pub-style restaurant which serves burgers, salads and fried seafood. The restaurant is small and nautically themed.  There is a limited amount of outdoor seating. The indoor and outdoor seating areas do not have a view of the marina, which is on the other side of the building.

There are two big-screen tvs to show sporting events.  The servers are pleasant and food arrives quickly.  In addition to their own beer on tap, they also have their own root beer on tap.  Standard sodas are also available.

They also sell cases of their product, and tshirts with their logo and humorous beer-related sayings.

The brewery and restaurant are located on Marine View Drive. Parking is available, both on and off the street. It is located adjacent to the marina, so you can take a sceninc stroll before or after dining.

Prices are moderate, especially compared to the other restaurants in the immediate area (Anthony's, Lombardi's).