Whatcom Falls park is situated around Whatcom creek, which drains Lake Whatcom down to Bellingham Bay. The creek runs through different phases, including the series of waterfalls the park is named after. The park is full of old growth forest and is active with joggers, walkers, picnicers, and people just airing their dogs. There is also a playground and tennis courts in the park.

The park was victim of an oil pipeline explosion which caused a fire in 1999. It has since recovered well, but the fireball that swept the park via the oil-filled creek wreaked enough havoc that it was closed for some time. Three children died as a result of this disaster as well.

There is a dog park in the mornings next door at the Bloedel Donavon Park, and is very active and a great way to socialize your dog and yourself with locals! After 10am in the summers Bloedel is a popular swimming beach  There is a boat launch nearby too.