Winchester is so very rich in American history.  First, it was a home to George Washington. He spent several years in Winchester, launching his military career here (was stationed here during the French & Indian War), his civilian career here (was a surveyor), and a political career here (represented the area in the House of Burgesses). His office is now a great little museum downtown. Second, the Civil War history - even richer! Winchester has the famous label of having changed hands between North and South over 70 times during the war! As part of the Shenandoah Valley campaigns, it was a real crossroads for both armies, and three significant battles took place here, the battlefields of which you can walk and explore.  Stonewall Jackson made his headquarters here one winter, and the house in which he lived is a fantastic museum, with more of his memorabilia on display than just about any other place.  For details on Winchester's history, go to these two web sites: , and for the Shenandoah Valley National Historic District  with lots of info on the battles here. Great fun!