Sterling is located in Loudoun County which is one of the fastest growing counties in  the US.  It is in Eastern Loudoun County and shares a border with Fairfax County on one side and Ashburn on the western side.  Sterling is an unincorporated entity thus all services are provided by the county.  It is very near Dulles Airport and thus has several hotels with more being added.  Old Sterling is the oldest part of town and was once served by the Washington and Old Dominion Railroad, a commuter line which went from Purcellville (in Western Loudoun County) to Arlington, VA.  The old train station still exists as well as a few buildings from that time.  This area is near the intersection of Church Road and Route 28.  The Washington and Old Dominion Railroad went out of business in 1968 and the local power company, then called Vepco, bought the track area.  That area now has power lines as well as the Washington and Old Dominion bike and horse path which follows the same course as the now defunct railroad.  It was a very short-sighted action to end railroad service since the area has experienced phenomenal growth and could now benefit from such train service.

In 1962, Sterling Park was created from what was once farmland.  It is now the one of the oldest part of Sterling (old Sterling is within its boundaries) and mostly consists of single family homes with some townhouses, apartments and condos.  Eventually, Sterling's boundaries expanded to include Sugarland (built in the 70s) and Countryside (built in the 80s), as well as later on, Great Falls and most recently, The Cascades.  In the 90s, the Post Office allowed those who had a home in the Cascades to use "Potomac Falls" as their mailing address, if the chose.

Sterling is not a very pedestrian-friendly area.  There are many areas that have no or few sidewalks.  Public transportation options are few.  For more info on local public transportation: