With a history dating back to the earliest days of the settling of America, Staunton, Virginia, has a lot to offer. The Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia celebrates not only Staunton history, but that of its homeland which, interestingly, includes some of the homeland history of its early settlers including German, Irish, and English. Several outdoor exhibits include original historic farm buildings from each of these countries, dismantled and transported to Staunton's museum for the purpose of providing the visitor with a truly authentic and interactive early-American learning experience.

Did you now that America's 28th president, Woodrow Wilson, was born and raised in Staunton? Yep,and you can get to know the gentleman at the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace and Museum on North Coalter Street, where Mr. Prez was born. It's open year-round except for those three major holidays that occur in the winter, you know the ones.

Several historical sites will intrigue you as you visit downtown Staunton. Among these is the poetically-named Thornrose Cemetery, estalished in 1849. Over 1,700 Confederate soldiers were laid to rest there during and after war's end. Though the train station curently standing in historic Staunton is not the original, its illustrious history is worth mentioning, and nearby are several Civil War-era buidlings. Originally built in 1854, the station served as a crucial supply depot during the war between the states. In retribution of this, the first station was destroyed by Union forces in 1864, and a runaway train destroyed it again in later years.