Even though it is the largest city in the Blue Ridges, nightlife is still pretty tame in Roanoke. People here tend to be more conservative and traditional than the rest of the state, so you will not find many rowdy nightclubs around. In fact, one of the best nightclubs in the area, The Club at Fiji, recently closed its doors. However, Corned Beef and Company on Jefferson Street remains a popular watering hole for locals, though a generous portion of the male clientele here are somewhat unsavory characters. Look for other clubs and good bars around Campbell Avenue in downtown Roanoke, which is home to the majority of evening entertainment options in Roanoke. A few good places are Dolce: A Slice of South Beach, which has good music and drinks and a rather authentic Miami atmosphere; Cornerstone Bar and Grill, with two bars and a patio open during the summer; and Metro, which has a good bar and lounge area, though no dancing. Most of the places require casual dressy or better attire, so avoid jeans and t-shirts. There is also a sports bar on Grandin Road (All Sports Café), a Hooter’s on Williamson Road, and several other pubs such as Coffee Pot Barbeque & Grill on Brambleton Avenue or Pine Room Pub at the Hotel Roanoke.