Napa Valley is a safe place to visit.  Like always, common sense is the most important tool to be used for staying safe. 

         Normal safety precautions like avoiding walking alone at night (especially women) should be followed when visiting unfamiliar destinations. If staying with a group of people is not an option, and walking is unavoidable, make sure to remain in lighted areas. 

          Street crime and petty theft are not very common in Napa Valley. As a safety precaution, don’t carry around large amounts of money, and avoid wearing expensive jewelry or looking flashy; drawing un-needed attention to one’s self is never a good idea.  Make sure to roll up windows, lock doors, and keep valuables out of sight when leaving a car behind. 

            The Napa Valley has many wineries that offer wine tours to the general public. If planning on taking a tour, be safe about it and make sure to have a designated driver (or alternate form of transportation) if planning on drinking. The roads can be windy and unsettling to those not used to driving two lane highways. Be extra careful when traveling on Napa Valley's charming highways.

            In the case of an emergency while in Napa Valley, dial 911 from any phone.