Flamenco Beach is in a nearly waveless, sheltered cove during the late summer weeks. It is long, wide, surrounded by greenery, and only one or two buildings are near it. Fish swim right up to the edge of the water, which is waist deep for quite a stretch, and has at least 20 yards of crystal clear visibility underwater. It's visited by African seagulls, and occasionally by dolphins. Fishing is prohibited, but you can take pictures, and there's lots to see snorkeling around four dispersed reefs on one end of the beach, and within a larger reef on the other end (you HAVE TO snorkel there). It is also a surfer's dream come true, with one of the best reef breaks in Puerto Rico. Bring your surfboards for lots and lots of waves. The locals are happy and eager to show this spot off. By day the sky is, well, Caribbean blue. At night, if there's no moon, you can actually see the Milky Way spread out across the sky. The glare from Puerto Rico blazes towards the west, but doesn't get to Culebra. There are also shooting stars in the sky and maybe a bit of bioluminescence in the water. The beach has been partially developed: there are park rangers, showers, bathrooms and one or two kiosks where you can get a beverage or some ice and a bit of food during the day. No need to take water and food because there are tons of kiosks selling wonderful treats, fried foods, burgers, pizza, and sandwiches and fries. Very cold beers, mixed drinks, sodas and refreshments are available.Take a Publico, it's a $3.00 ride per person. If you choose to walk, (Good Luck ) it's a 1-1/2 hour walk in the nasty heat with cars zooming by very fast and NO sidewalks. So, don't be cheap. Pay the $3.00, it's worth it.  There are many places to stay in every price range. Do some research.   You will probably want to rent a car if you're staying, but you can get by without it if you pay for your rides or you are staying somewhere in town. You can get to Culebra by taking a single prop plane (puddle jumper) from San Juan at the Isla Grande Airport, or go to Ceiba (a small town past Fajardo). In Fajardo you can take the ferry.. Check online for the times, and make sure you head to the dock a few hours early, because tickets sell out fast. There are at least 3 per day. It's the best ferry ride for the price of $2.25. Either way it's a nice trip. Get to Culebra anyway you can. Flamenco Beach is a stupendous beach.