Magalluf is known as a resort city, a beach haven, a sunny paradise. But the land on which Magalluf sits, wasn't always a tourist's getaway.

Majorca, Spain was said to have been created 150 million years ago, branching off from its once-connected penisula status. Evidence of the flora and fauna of the island supports this theory. Colonization on the island goes back all the way to 3,000 B.C. The first society to rule the island were the Carthagenians who were overcome in 123 B.C. when they overturned to Roman rule. Up until this time, the society's remained rather primitive and it was the Romans who were responsible for the building of roads and the first civil buildings.

The tenth century saw over 300 years of Moorish ruling as the Emirate of Cordoba took control. In 1229 Christianity arrived to the island by crusaders and King Jaume I of Aragon's ruling, at which point churches began sprouting up all around the island.

It was not until Spain underwent a civil war, the "war of successions" that Mallorca was claimed for Spain. It is believed that when Felipe V took the Spanish throne, that the Majaorcans gave him their approval. Officially in 1719, the island was declared a province of Belaeres, thus an extension of their kingdom.

Overall, the island was attempted to be taken over, or was taken over by most of the nations surrounding the area and because of this saw several different language changes. For most of the island's history, Catalan has thrived except for the brief period when it was banned. The Catalan language peservered however and is the island's official language, along with Spanish.

Today Magalluf thrives as a resort city, bringing in a rising amount of tourists annually for its pristine beauty and great beaches.