Forio seems to be very calm and attractive place for tourists. In contrast to other towns on Ischia, the center of Forio is the pedestrian area wth small shops, cafes and churches (open in the evenings). After a week there, some of the places might be recommended:

1. Pizzeria Rosticceria "Il Pizzicotto" - small bar with a really tasteful pizza (try capriciosa!) from the original oven. Although it could be crowded, there are not many tourists and staff is mainly Italian-speaking. The atmosphere is really great and the staff is open and friendly. You can also get your pizza for take-away (pizzas about 4-6 euros, service not included).

2. Cafe Florio - very friendly and nice place where you can spend the evening drinking the excellent cafe del nonno (iced cafe) and variety of alcohols. You can also taste a local cakes. There is a very friendly staff (cafe del nonno - 3 euros).

3. Bar Maria - the best ice-creams in Forio. A superb amarena ice-creams (small portion 1,50 euro).

4. Ristorante La Tinaia - cheap and good restaurant for tourist who do not care about atmosphere and do not plan to spend the romantic evening. The portions are really satsfactory and the choice is rather wide. Service, tax and table are included.