The extensive number of parks in Lynchburg offers the traveler many opportunities for open door activities including hiking and biking. Visit Biggers Neighborhood Park. Located at the intersection of College Drive and Breckenbridge Streets, the park is ideal for hiking but families can also picknick at the tables and grills while the kids play in the designated game areas. Adults can shoot some balls at the basketball court. In one of the city's historical areas, Fort Avenue Neighborhood Park offers similar facilities and amenities.

Enjoy hiking and biking at Blackwater Creek Natural Area. Eight miles of trails take the traveler into this natural reservoir that includes a plant and animal sanctuary. For furher details, onsite stop by the Visitor Center or call the Parks and Recration department at (800) 732-5821.

Hollins Mill Park is part of the biking trail system that connects with Blackwater Creek Park. Enjoy hiking along James River Heritage Trail. Take your picnic baskets and have some nice lunch by the river where you can try some fishing.

Miller Park has it all: Softball and baseball fields, a basketball court, playground areas, exercise courses and lots of space for picknicking. Why not splash in the Olympic size pool and show off your swimming technique!