Hampton is a very safe city for both locals and visitors alike.  Very few crimes take place there as a rule and tourists often walk freely about at night during the summer.  The streets of the downtown area are patrolled by policemen and women on bicycles during most hours of the day, deterring most criminals and creating a sense of security for the city's visitors.  The bicycle police are also quite effective in that if a crime or accident does occur, they can be on the scene within minutes.

That said, it is still a good idea for visitors to Hampton to follow a few simple tips and to use caution in some areas.  The Hampton Convention and Visitors Bureau has a few suggestions to help travelers stay safe and enjoy their visits:

Remember to always carry a legal form of identification in the event that you lose the key to your hotel room.  Hotels will not issue replacement keys without proper ID.  Along the same lines, try not to carry large amounts of cash or credit cards with you.  Keep them in your hotel's safe so they do not become lost or stolen.

And, if you are driving to Hampton, visit the Virginia Department of Transportation's website to check road conditions and traffic updates.