Charlottesville is one of the best college town in the nation, and that means there’s plenty going on after the city’s younger residents (and maybe some of the older ones, too) have gone to bed.

The center of nightlife activity is, as one might expect, the Downtown Mall. Club R2 (which is affiliated with Rapture, one of Charlottesville’s hottest and hippest dining destinations), has a décor reminiscent of old New Orleans but a dance floor, bar and clientele that is definitely all young Charlottesville. Wednesday night at R2 is a showcase for local MCs, spoken word artists and comedians, while Friday and Saturday nights often mean other special events, like Blast!, an 80s dance party. If you’re more in the mood to laugh than dance, check out the Bent Theatre , a comedy troupe that performs every Thursday night at 8 p.m. at Club R2.

For something a bit more low-key, there’s Miller’s (also on the Downtown Mall, at 109 W. Main St), the jazz club where Dave Matthews got his start—as a bartender. The smoky, intimate club has a strong local following and is a great place to grab a drink and hear some of the best blues and jazz Charlottesville has to offer.