There seems to be some confusion as to the location being covered by this review.  Durty Nellys Pub & Wayside Deli are the same place.  The deli is located in the pub or in the back of the convience store.  Wayside Deli does NOT serve Fried Chicken, so if you are reviewing fried chicken, you have the wrong place.  Olde Virginia Fried Chicken (a.k.a Wayside Take-Out) next door to Durty Nellys DOES sell fried chicken.

As for Durty Nellys Pub, it is a beer and wine joint (no hard liquor).  It is also a cash-only establishment.  No credit cards.  They have a decent selection of beer and the prices are generally reasonable.  Many locals hang out here and several nights during the week they have live music.  It can get very smokey at night, so if you're a non-smoker thisn't the place for you.

Wayside Deli has some of the freshest deli meat and sandwiches around.  All the sandwiches are made-to-order.  They also do catering.