While it has historically been a winter attraction, catering especially towards cross-country and downhill skiers, Stowe has recently been drawing tourists even after the snow melts. It’s not wise to visit mid-April, since this is when the dirt roads are at their slushiest and muddiest, but the month of May is beautiful, with temperatures reaching up into the 50s and 60s. Springtime in Stowe is marked by the reappearance of green leaves and rows of colorful flowers along streets and in the backyards of amateur gardeners.

Vermont actually has mild summers compared with the rest of New England, with average temperatures in the low 70s, and it is cooler at nighttime. Temperatures do get into the 80's for a few weeks in the summer, though.  However, early summer rains can lead to minor flooding, so it's best to check the Stowe Inn’s weather report for warnings before you visit. Excessively hot days can usually be avoided by heading up into the mountains.

Many visit Stowe in autumn in order to enjoy the sight of vivid red-orange trees shedding their foliage. But after the last leaves fall, it’s strictly ski season, with heavy snows and good skiing all winter. Check out the Stowe Snow Report for information on snowfall up in the mountains, and expect the town to be a winter wonderland until at least March.