Sure, you’re here to ski. But if weather conditions are bad, or you get tired and leave the slopes early, there are plenty of opportunities to pass the time by shopping. Killington is famous for its outlet stores, which offer brand name clothes and accessories at factory prices. Outlets in Killington include Armani Exchange, DKNY and Ralph Lauren. The Killington Mall has all the basic department stores and amenities of a major mall, even though it’s a bit on the small side.

Downtown Killington is another shopper’s paradise: on the main Killington Road alone, you’ll find an impossible variety of luxury items and clothing. The main street does slope uphill, but hopefully you will be so absorbed by all the shops that you won’t notice the walk, and you can stop in at some of Killington’s best cafés, restaurants and pubs if you need a break. Killington Road is also a safe bet for quality sporting goods as well as ski and snowboard equipment. Whether you forgot your ski goggles or simply want a better pair, Killington has what you need.

In addition to conventional retail stores, Killington has a number of cigar shops, and is especially famous for its Cuban style cigars. Buy a Cuban cigar to warm up after a snowy day and you can pretend you are in warmer climes.