The visitors Center is currently closed as of spring 2013. They packed it up and moved it before an unplanned massive landslide which has interrupted mining and closed the canyon to visitors. Please keep it in mind for a future visit.

World's largest open pit copper mine.  A deep scar on the face of the earth, a really cool place for little (and not so little) boys and girls. a chance to watch steam shovels, dump trucks, bulldozers etc. in constant action.  It would be even better if visitors could watch the explosions, too, but they move the visitors out when they do blasting.

The vistor center is 50% a description of how the mine works and what it is producing, and 50% a commercial for all the wonderful things that the company is doing for the environment.  It is especially interesting that the visitor center is LEED-certified, meaning that the building is recognized by the leading "green building" group as environmentally friendly.  One of the reasons cited is that the building is designed to be moved rather than torn-down and rebuilt. 

 A fantastic educational experience in many areas, including geography, geology, engineering, business and public relations

Located on the Western Mountain Range visible from Salt Lake City and an approximate 30 to 45 minutes ride, lies a true hidden gem of an Attraction. One of the only man made sites to be visible from Space, and (according to Wikipedia) still the worlds largest copper mine and amongst the largest open pit mines currently operational. The visitors fee is five dollars and is donated to charity. It is truly awe inspiring, educational and fun. There is a small gift shop and an extensive visitors center. The smelting plant which is part of the plant operation, and located at Salt Lake, houses a smokestack which is the largest freestanding structure west of the Mississippi river.