The weather at South Padre Island is usually warm year round. Even in the dead of winter the temperature rarely drops below 75F and can be suitable for playing on the beach. The summers can be hot, very hot, with temperatures topping 100F. However, there is almost always a breeze blowing, which helps to keep things cool. The Island is a popular spring break destination. During the month of March the Island is packed and it can be hard to even get over the bridge to visit. The height of spring break is typically the third week of March, when most Texas schools have their spring break. The rest of the year things are quiet and the Island can be a great place to relax at a fraction of the cost of other beach resort areas such as Southern California or Florida. Driving to South Padre Island requires driving down Highway 100. When you pass through the small towns along the way make sure you DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT.  It always slows down in town, sometimes to 30 miles per hour, and the cops are always ready to catch an unsuspecting tourist or two.