South Padre Island is a favorite Spring Break vacation destination popular with college kids who are on the prowl for a little bit of craziness in March.  Though it is relatively safe for travel, South Padre Island can get a little bit out of control at this time of year.  Visitors should be wary of traveling there during this time unless they are planning to be involved in the party scene.

There are several safety warnings which travelers should be aware of if they are heading to the area for Spring Break.   First is a reminder to drink responsibly.   Everyone knows that drinking is a part of the fun during this time of year.   However, alcohol poisoning is no joke.   Hydration is also important, as much for non-drinkers as for those who are drinking.   The Texas sun is hot and it is easy to get dehydrated.   This is exacerbated by alcohol consumption and should be remembered to avoid problems.   Partiers should also remember to treat each other with respect over the break.   Women are at increased risk of violence, especially sexual violence, during this time of year.   Helpful information about spring break safety is online at and .  

Other than spring break concerns, there are not a lot of safety issues to be worried over for a South Padre Island stay.  The area is relatively crime free.  Water safety and sun safety are always important in a place which gets as warm as this, but other than that, travelers should get out in the sun and have some fun.