Books about South Padre Island which travelers may want to consider reading before heading to the area for vacation include:

  • “A Lady’s Day Out in the Rio Grande Valley and South Padre Island: A Shopping Guide and Tourist Handbook” by Jennifer Ramsey and Peggy Adams is helpful reading for women traveling alone or with their lady friends. .
  • “Batos, Bolillos, Pochos, and Pelados: Class and Culture on the South Texas Border” by Chad Richardson offers readers insight in to the locals society. .
  • “Patrolling Chaos: The U.S. Border Patrol in Deep South Texas” by Robert Lee Maril gives insight in to a political issue facing the area. .
  • “South Padre: The Island and Its People” by Bob St. John is a combination travel guide and graphic novel which is a curious read for travelers seeking something a bit different. .
  •  “The Turtle Lady: Ila Fox Loetscher of South Padre” by Evelyn Sizemore is the true biography of an amazing woman who makes up an important part of the history of the area. .
  • “Trees, Shrubs and Cacti of South Texas” by James H. Everitt, D. Lynn Drawe, and Robert I. Lonard is a guide to the plant life in the area. .