St. Jo Island is a 28 mile long uninhabited island that can only be reached by a Jetty Boat from the Fisherman’s Wharf.  Purchase your tickets and catch the boat from the Jetty Boat shop on the wharf. Boats leave almost every hour on the hour (for the summer 2009) so you can stay all day or for an hour.

The Island is a nice way to have some peaceful beach time with the family. There are only a few people on the island and all the families are polite and friendly. You can fish from the jetty or from the surf. The best part of the island is the sand dollars right on the beach. If you snorkel out a bit you may find live sand dollars. Crabs scamper across the beach and are a great hit with the kids.

St. Jo is a privately owned island and it is not routinely cleaned - there can be some trash. There are also no restrooms or buildings on the island. Whatever you bring with you is whatever you have while you are on the island. Bring water (lots) and snacks.