Plano is temperate and it is within the parameters of a humid, subtropical zone. The yearly average temperature is 65ª and the mean temperature is 85ª. There are four noticeable seasons and it snows less than one week per year.

Fall months are the best times of year to visit Plano. The ample greenery changes color and the summer heat is long forgotten after September. Except for a few rain showers, the weather is quite pleasant until late November. Avoid the Thanksgiving holiday and Labor Day for leisure travel.

The winter begins in late November. Although it snows very little in Plano, the temperatures regularly plummet below zero. Cold and dry winds from the north diminish the existence of the subtropical weather altogether. Be prepared for occasional flight cancellations and congested roadways as the result of freezing rain.

Spring is almost the reemergence of Fall. The weather is mild and temps hover around 70ª. However, the heat of summer increasingly creeps into the atmosphere towards late April and torrential downpours arrive instantaneously. Stray from travel during spring holiday weekends and keep track of the weather reports.

Unfortunately, travelers generally describe the middle of summer as intolerable. The humidity and heat indexes are high throughout July and August. The hotel and airfare rates may tempt you to book a weekend getaway. Plan activities that consist mostly of the indoors and rent a car with air condition in lieu of public transportation.