Plano supports a community of passionate, skilled performing artists and groups. Although a night at the opera would require a trip to Dallas, the more lighthearted arts reside in Plano. Children's theater, visual arts, and music bands are the most common stage shows.

The Art Centre of Plano focuses primarily on contemporary visual art installations and maintains a varied calendar of receptions. Although visual arts are not traditionally within the realm of performance, many of the 3D pieces and sculptures really jump out at the viewer. The 2006 exhibition by Sherry Giryotas, called Journey, was the manifestation of artistic, sacred space. She encouraged viewers to enter it with her.

2002 is a local new age band. The write and perform contemporary, Classical melodies with a whimsical timbre. The multiinstrumentalist couple plays a entire ensemble of instruments including flutes, harps, piano, and electric cello. They sample their voices into the music and languages around the globe inspire their vocalizations. Check their web site for upcoming performances. 

Classics Theater & Art for Children performs for young audiences and families. The family theatre series consists of six performances of traditional and contemporary theater. Renowned national touring productions and international companies feature works that families and children can relate to. Recently, the Willy Wonka musical and the Snow Queen national touring ensembles performed in the series.